We are GeniusWire

A community of independent modern e-brands leveraging innovation for the benefit of one and all.

We Believe in the Power of Community

Without a space to understand how others are using exponential technology and trends and keeping their skills fresh you’ll miss out. GeniusWire is a space where modern brands gain a clear viewpoint to grow exponentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are at the core a bunch of brand lovers who live to see brands thriving. And we love everything about what it means to be an entrepreneur or an intra-preneur: the independence, the lifestyle, the drive, the commitment to quality, and the tenacity it involves to move within this space.
Because of this obsession, we created a people-first community where the intention is to facilitate successful outcomes for those of us working in this space.

What began as proprietary software developed by an M&A located in Montreal (think Warren Buffet’s place of work), became an extensive encyclopedia of brands and now has an entire Workspace and community.
Being an entrepreneur is risky enough, and we realized that by providing a space to work together is a smart decision to maintain and learn anticipatory skills and awareness together. The exponential community effect will benefit us all.

It’s all free if you own or manage a brand, all 3 component parts - the encyclopedia of brands, the Genius Wire Workspace, and the collaborative early adopter Community

We think with an abundance mindset and believe in the power of working together and in making decisions now that will keep us thriving as the world continues to change. Our engine, the way we thrive, is people powered by the business leaders of today. And it’s together we can act quickly, more effectively, with less stress and maintain awareness of changes and share skills so we can grow together and maintain what it means to be an entrepreneur today and going forward.

GeniusWire is proudly based in Montreal with a team distributed across the globe.
By the way, we’re hiring! Email contact@geniuswire.com for more info.